Theory must find its practice, but so too much practice find its theory.


Those who communicate in terms revolutionary, purely through the language of the spectacle, find themselves accomplished of nothing more than the standard tropes of silence, a sing of pacification all the adherents of spectatorship find themselves perpetually guilty of. Be they Marxist, Anarchist, Student, Radical, or explicitly proclaimed Bourgeois, a slavish impulse to comment on all that is current amounts primarily to a concession to the spectacular, an act through which legitimacy is placed onto the decisions implicit to its continuity. Those who speak to revolt by the reasoning of the news ticker speaks only to the imagination of the commodity.

There is a commonly accepted ‘art’ to revolutionary journalism today, one descendant from the likes of Orwell which would consider the truth in and of itself to be revolutionary. All exist without an understanding the formulations underlying the production of truth. Nothing is true, all is permitted; such a rule would be well remembered by such bureaucratic methodologists, though it is by now clear enough that they’ve no intent to entertain notions so threatening to their career paths. All is permitted, including their presence in the insignificant read guard of the ruling class, a reality recognized via enough indirect concessions to such alignments in predetermination. News reports must be sensational, they must always be breaking, and they must always be earth shattering- the viewer of these events must always be made to feel as if he is watching something, and, in an age where these dosages of disillusion have been abused to the point of the absurd, those responsible stage hands tasked with the production must increasingly recall that the curve they stand on is indeed predicated on an increasingly marginal selection of widely accepted falsehoods.

The youth and workers of Brazil and Turkey have today, for the current passing of media, captured the hearts and minds of radicals the world over. Soon to be reduced to a passing tableside inquiry of opinion, just as the ‘Arab Spring’ revolts of past have been reduced to, they will not be understood in any social capacity, to do so would to challenge the social curtsies of our era with an unacceptable faux pas of truth not as objective, but subjective. Cheap conversation for ideology to dine over, old news headlines few recall, this is the fate for all acts of demonstration today which find themselves limited to the language of ruling power.

Protests have been allowed to appear in the streets, the president of Brazil, along with the remains of the church, are even sympathizing with the protests against the foundations of their power, in an overture long since proven to be the most effective deterrent against revolt today. Rousseff, a former Stalinist guerilla fighter herself, has apparently taken some important lessons from her years of fighting fascism with a different shade, she has graduated with stunning marks into the governance of integrated power, she talks now of cooperation and solidarity by day while striking protesters with tear gas by night, all while ignoring the existence of these integral contradictions of which her continued role in power depends. The state plans by day and moves by night, at the behest of a spectacular which continues on with the promulgation of its self assured positivity. A white noise in the backdrop of all which catches the modern ear, but which is hardly noticed in conscious thought, all of the movements of protest today still find themselves beholden to the whims of the commodity. Spontaneous revolt has emerged, but it has not been fully understood by those who have conducted its birth. The festival of the street, while complete with its numerous beauties, will remain formal so long as it fails to extend itself beyond retreat into the question of total social contestation, a state of revolt that will not be satiated by reforms or leniency, only by its absolute realization as perpetually lived time. This will not be found in Brazil, in Turkey, but the potential lingers in forms which may be found to be increasingly more blatant. As the protesters of these endless movements realize that their demands may be met in the political while their desires may still lay in destitution, as they are continually forced to satiate their desires with paltry reform and revision in the vision they’ve all come to realize is shit, they will find themselves increasingly apt in the final art left to history.